Quick Answer: Is Dark Better Than Stranger Things?

Which is better dark or money heist?

Comparing Money heist and Dark is like comparing apples to oranges….Dark vs Money Heist [Complete Comparison]PointsDarkMoney HeistIMDb rating8.8/108.4/10Shooting LocationsBerlin (Germany)Spain, Italy, Thailand, PanamaThemeScience Fiction, Mystery, ThrillerCrime drama, Thriller3 more rows.

Why is dark so confusing?

Why is the Netflix series dark so confusing? … It is because people are making a big deal out of the timeline stuff and family trees in Dark. SPOILER ALERT (Season 3)!! As the last two episodes show, all the timelines and families of Adam and Eva’s world do not matter at all because they do not exist in the origin world.

Is Dark series worth watching?

It’s amazingly good. Definitely one of my favourites on Netflix. It’s so good but it can get a bit confusing at times. Definitely a show you need to pay full attention to while you’re watching it otherwise you’ll get lost.

Why is dark so underrated?

It’s the kind of show that draws you so deep into its depths, you won’t want to scroll through social media while watching. … It’s devilishly clever storytelling at its best.

Is Dark series boring?

Season 3 was actually boring and will piss off your mind. But the final episode of season 3 will atleast bring a smile on your face. Overall I would give 7 out of 10 to season 3. In my opinion, Dark season 1 is even better than Stranger Things and Money Heist all seasons.

La casa de Papel aka Money Heist has achieved many milestones. It is the most-watched non-English series of the Netflix and 3rd most popular show on IMDB . … But I see this series purely as resistance against the establishment/system and this is the most powerful thing of this series which made this extremely popular.

Is Dark scarier than stranger things?

Dark is a very gritty drama and goes deeper and darker into themes more scarier than Stranger Things. The series opens up to a man hanging himself, then follows on to adultery. There are also quite a few make-out scenes.

Why is dark so famous?

Dark is a show full of thrill, suspense, and mystery, laden with hints of the supernatural and family drama. At no point will you feel bored or underwhelmed, that is a given guarantee.

Who is the most Favourite character in money heist?

8 Inspector Raquel aka Lisbon. … 7 Helsinki. … 6 Nairobi. … 5 Arturo. … 4 Inspector Alicia Sierra. … 3 Tokyo. … 2 Berlin. … 1 The Professor. Albert Einstein would be jealous of this man if they existed in the same era.More items…•

Is there a better show than breaking bad?

Mad Men is my absolute favorite show of all time. It is definitely just as good as Breaking Bad, and in my opinion it’s even better. … Without Mad Men, Breaking Bad never would have existed. Mad Men is an American drama series which aired on AMC from 2007 to 2015 for seven seasons and 92 total episodes.

Is dark the best series ever?

And yet overall, it’s an incredible series, one of Netflix’s best, and one of science fiction’s best, honestly, especially in the time travel genre. I am probably willing to declare it the best time travel story ever told with how much care and intelligence it devotes to the subject.

Is money heist overrated?

Originally Answered: Is Money Heist an overrated series or a good series? I just watched the latest series and it’s highly overrated. Yes, it’s highly overrated and over-hyped just like any other Netflix series. … Yes, it’s highly overrated and over-hyped just like any other Netflix series.

What should I watch after watching dark?

Shows like Dark: 10 captivating dramas to fill the voidThe Society. Netflix.Sense8. Netflix. … Lost. ABC. … Stranger Things. Netflix. … The Chalet. Netflix. … Warrior Nun. Netflix. … Altered Carbon. Netflix. … Better Than Us. More like this. Entertainment. … More items…•

Is dark scary?

Jump Scare Rating: Dark has an unsettling vibe running through it and while the cave scenes are quite scary no real jump scares arise from them (other than some loud noises).

Why are Netflix shows so dark?

Contact your device manufacturer. Your TV’s picture or power saving settings may be causing Netflix to appear dark or dim. Contact your device manufacturer for help adjusting these settings.