Quick Answer: How Do You Say Stop In Italy?

How do you say stop in German?

Expressions With German “Stop” WordsHör auf damit.

(Stop that!)Halt mal.

(Wait a second!)Zum Halten bringen (to bring to a standstill)Halt’s Maul.

(Shut your trap!).

What does Aspet mean in Italian?

More meanings for Aspetti! Wait! interjection. Aspetti! aspects.

Is Basta Italian or Spanish?

Basta is an Italian and Spanish word meaning “Stop!” or “That’s enough!”

How do you respond to Grazie?

If you’ve just said Grazie to someone, they may reply with Prego literally meaning You’re welcome or My pleasure.

How do Italians answer phone?

Italians have a peculiar way of answering the phone: unlike the English language, Italians don’t say “ciao” (hello), but rather “Pronto” – ready, as in “ready to speak”.