Quick Answer: Does SunPass Expire?

Where do I place my SunPass mini?

The most commonly used SunPass transponders are small, pocket sized devices that are attached to the inside of your car windshield, just below the rearview mirror..

How much is a SunPass at CVS?

You can purchase a SunPass online for $19.99. They’re also available at CVS Pharmacies, Publix Supermarkets, AAA Auto Club South, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Sedano’s Markets, Walgreen’s, Amscot, and even in nifty vending machines dotted along the Florida Turnpike.

Is my SunPass transponder still good?

According to SunPass, battery-operated transponders will no longer work as of Jan. 1. and about 100,000 SunPass users are still using the older-model transponders. There is no cost to replace an old transponder and service will not be interrupted.

What happens if SunPass doesnt work?

SunPass takes a picture of your license tag as you go through the lane. If we do not receive a signal from a transponder, and cannot match your license plate to an active account, an unpaid toll violation will be mailed to you.

How long do SunPass transponders last?

Portable Transponders have a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

How do I know if my SunPass mini is working?

Go through a manned tollbooth and ask the toll taker to scan your device. That would tell if it works or not. I’ve got a Sunpass transponder on the windshield that used to work at the airport and hasn’t registered the last two times.

Which is better EPass or SunPass?

E-PASS offers discounts for high-frequency drivers; SunPass does not. E-PASS drivers can replenish their accounts at drive-up service centers; SunPass users can drop in at thousands of grocery stores and other retail places.

How do I add money to my SunPass?

Here’s how it works: A SunPass user can pick up a Reload Card from a display rack at 7-Eleven, then register the card to link it to their SunPass account. Once they’ve done that, they can use cash — anywhere from $10 to $500 —at the 7-Eleven register to load money to their account.

Does SunPass have an annual fee?

No. However, as you must have an active SunPass account for your Annual Pass to work, please note that a SunPass Mini transponder costs a one-time fee of about $5 and SunPass requires a minimum opening balance of $10 for a personal account.

Is SunPass cheaper than cash?

SunPass throughout Florida. SunPass customers pay the lowest tolls customers pay the lowest tolls available, because SunPass toll available, because SunPass rates are lower than cash and toll rates are lower than cash TOLL-BY-PLATE rates.

Where can I buy a SunPass in Florida?

Purchasing a SunPass is easy as there are over 3,100 retail locations throughout Florida. SunPass can also be purchased at all Turnpike service plazas, Turnpike gas stations, SunPass Service Centers, select Florida Welcome Centers, Visitor Centers, Rest Areas, and select County Tax Collector’s Offices.

Does SunPass have a battery?

The SunPass Mini sticker does not have a battery, so it does not emit a light or sound. A new battery-free portable transponder is now available in stores for $25. It functions without lights or sounds.

What do I do with an old SunPass transponder?

You can drop off both the transponder and batteries at your local recycling center or mail them to the SunPass Tag Swap Center, P.O. Box 246150, 7972 Pines Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33024.

How do I get Florida SunPass?

Here’s how you can buy and activate a SunPass. Go to SunPass.com. Call the Customer Service Center at 1-888-865-5352 (1-888-TOLL-FLA). Visit a kiosk in Turnpike Service Plazas or in Florida’s Welcome Centers.

How much is a toll violation in Florida?

A Florida toll violation can be costly. Florida Toll Violations are different than other tickets. You receive a toll violation in the mail long after the infracton has happened. The fine amount is actually $262.00.