Question: When Did Paul Harvey Die?

Who is Paul Harvey’s son?

Paul Harvey Jr.Paul Harvey/SonsPaul Harvey Aurandt Jr., known on-air as Paul Harvey Jr.

(born 1948 or 1949), is an American pianist, radio broadcaster and a former host of News and Comment on ABC Radio Networks.

He is the only son of Paul Harvey and his wife Lynne..

When did Paul Harvey stop broadcasting?

Remembering Broadcast Legend Paul Harvey When Harvey passed away in 2009, his show was taken over briefly by his son, followed by Gil Gross and then Mike Huckabee.

What was Paul Harvey’s famous line?

Every day he’d begin a broadcast was one of his catchphrases, “Hello, Americans! I’m Paul Harvey.” Then after he started his story, before the next break he’d say, “In a moment….

What was Paul Harvey’s sign off?

Radio personality Paul Harvey, seen in 1952, greeted listeners with his trademark telegraphic delivery punctuated by his patented pauses: “Hello, Americans! This is Paul Harvey! [pause] Stand by for news!” He’d end each broadcast with his signature: “Paul Harvey. [long pause] Good day!”

How much was Paul Harvey worth?

Paul Harvey net worth and salary: Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster who had a net worth of $150 million at the time of his death in 2009. Paul Harvey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in September 1918 and passed away in February 2009. He worked for the ABC Radio Networks.

Is Paul Harvey still alive?

Deceased (1918–2009)Paul Harvey/Living or Deceased

Who replaced Paul Harvey?

Doug LimerickAfter the elder Harvey’s death on February 28, 2009, ABC radio host Doug Limerick was chosen as the show’s new host. The Rest of the Story was canceled after three weeks with Limerick as host.

Where is Paul Harvey buried?

Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois, United StatesPaul Harvey/Place of burial

What is a farmer by Paul Harvey?

Somebody to seed, weed, feed, breed and rake and disc and plow and plant and tie the fleece and strain the milk and replenish the self-feeder and finish a hard week’s work with a five-mile drive to church.