Question: When Can I Start Clearing For ETS?

How do I use ETS early?

Soldiers can request early separation through their chain of command using a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action).

For assistance, soldiers should contact their local career counselor..

Can I leave the army early?

Voluntary Separations. Sometimes the military offers members the opportunity to get out of their contract early. … In some cases, members will be allowed to simply leave their contract and go on their merry way. However, members often incur a service commitment to the Guard or Reserves if they leave active duty early.

When can you start the ETS process?

The process for enlisted Soldiers separating on their ETS date starts 180 days before the effective date of separation. This includes enlisted Soldiers that are RCP or QMP.

Do you get paid on ETS leave?

When you take terminal leave, you continue to receive your base pay, most other pays, basic allowance for subsistence (BAS), and basic allowance for housing (BAH.) Plus, you continue to accrue leave while you’re on terminal leave, meaning that 30 days of terminal leave ends up being 32.5 days of that higher pay.

Is your ETS date on your CAC card?

Yes. Normally they expire on your ETS date and you will have to get a new ID if you re-up. For officers, it’s a bit different, because we don’t have ETS dates, so our IDs expire after 3-4 years (although this is set through the CAC card operator and machine, so they can tweak the expiration date…

Can a soldier pull duty while clearing?

Normally soldiers are exempt from duty while clearing for ETS or PCS – 1) check post policy letter/bde policy ltrs/bn policy ltrs 2) Open door with 1SG. The reasons for being duty exempt is because you could end up in some legal situation where the military has to keep you on active duty past ETS.

Can a commander deny terminal leave?

They can totes deny your terminal leave if mission requirements dictate. However, if their boss’ boss’ isn’t on the same page…it can go badly for them, to say the least.

How early can you ETS from the army?

1. The Enlisted Voluntary Early Separation Program is designed for Soldiers who have employment offers and want to separate prior to the expiration of their term of service, or ETS. They can now request getting out up to 180 days prior to their ETS.

Can a soldier ETS while flagged?

Soldiers flagged for APFT failure who are permanently changing station (PCS) or have expiring terms of service (ETS) are not authorized to be recommended for or receive awards while they are flagged.

Can you take PTDY ETS?

Service members separating at the end of a normal term of service (ETS – Expiration Term of Service) or (EAOS – End of Active Duty Obligated Service) are not eligible for PTDY. Enlisted troops can sell back leave when they re-enlist or when they leave the military with an honorable discharge.

What does ETS testing stand for?

Educational Testing ServiceEducational Testing Service (ETS), founded in 1947, is the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization.

When you ETS does the Army pay to move you?

For retirees or separating service members with more than 8 years of continuous active duty: The government may cover the cost of relocating you to your home of record (HOR) or home of selection (HOS), anywhere within the United States, depending upon your type of discharge.

Can you clear on terminal leave?

You can clear on terminal leave, however, if you show up to anything in civilians or pt’s they will tell you to kick rocks, schedule a new appointment, and show up next time in duty uniform. No exceptions. You can clear in civi’s only if you have a memorandum stating so, signed by your commander at least here at Hood.

How soon can you clear CIF?

Clear CIF – You can clear CIF whenever your commander is willing to take the risk of giving you an early turn-in memo. This memo must include the exact item, quantity, and NSN you are attempting to turn in. More likely, you will have to wait until you have orders.

What does ETS date mean?

Term of ServiceSeparation typically occurs when someone reaches the date of their Expiration of Term of Service (ETS) and are released from active duty, but still must complete their military reserve obligations.

How do I know what to turn into CIF?

If you look at your clothing record, on the top , far right hand side, there is a column labeled PCS TRANS. As you look down the list of items on your clothing record, you will see either the letter Y or N. Y means that you take it with you to your next duty station. N means that you turn it in to CIF.

Can the military kick you out for having too much money?

The US Military cannot kick you out for having too much money but you can request a discharge if you came into so much money that it required your support.

Can a commander revoke leave?

And the commander absolutely has authority to recall Soldiers from leave, deny it in the first place, or change his mind on leave already granted. … The commander is the recall authority when Soldiers are on authorized leave and are needed for return to duty for reasons of military necessity.

How many days can you take for ETS leave?

60 daysMax terminal leave is 60 days except for emergencies. Use terminal leave to finish projects, not to formulate them. Take time to relax! Make sure you know your precise start and end dates.

How does Army ETS leave work?

Terminal Leave is any unused or accrued leave used by an active-duty service member prior to separation or retirement from service. … For example, if a member’s separation date is May 30, and the member has 30 days of leave accrued the member may go on terminal leave starting on May 1.

Do you turn in uniforms when you ETS?

Nobody is required to turn in uniforms. They are your personal property once issued.