Question: How Much Horsepower Does Double Hump Heads Add?

How much HP can you get out of a 327?

Despite being down on inches to the 350, the 327 Chevy still lays claim to the most powerful production conventional small-block ever produced, the L84.

Rated at 375 hp, the fuel-injected 327 was a high-winding screamer, as satisfying to drive as any big-block..

What CC are camel hump heads?

E, F- Large “camel hump” c/n 291, 461, 461X, 462. High performance or “fuelie” heads, chamber sizes are 62-64 cc nominal, came with either 1.94″ x 1.50″ or 2.02″ x 1.60″ valves, c/n 291 on 327 through 1968, has temperature gauge sender hole; 462 do not have temp sender hole.

How much HP can Vortec heads make?

GM Vortec cylinder heads are used with a Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 262° camshaft to produce 390 HP and 426 ft-lbs of torque.

Can you put 305 heads on a 283?

If sticking with the 283, 305 HO heads would be a great choice on a 283. The “HO” heads had 1.84 intake valves, whereas normal 305 heads had only 1.72. If you look around, you can often find -416 or -601 heads for dirt cheap.

Are 882 Chevy heads any good?

GM 882 Iron The smallest of the GM heads we tested at only 151 cc, the 882, turned out to be the best-flowing of the early iron heads. This head was tested with the 1.94/1.50 valves. … If you are into these heads, the best way to find a good one is to flow-test several. But in most cases, that’s impractical.

Is there a 327 4 bolt main?

They never made a 327 4 bolt main block. You can make one with a large journal 327 crank in a 4 bolt 350 block due to the same bore that they have.

What year is the best Chevy 350 engine?

The 1975 version of the LT-1 ultimately succumbed to new emissions standards that brought its horsepower all the way down to 145 HP. The LT-1 was the last and arguably greatest of the old fuel-guzzling, emissions-spewing 350 engines. Those original LT-1s from 1970 will go down as some of the best engines of their time.

Can I put Vortec heads on a 327?

Re: Vortec heads on 3892657 small block 327? The L31 Vortec heads will bolt onto any Gen I small block. Your 327 isn’t any different than any other Gen I small block built from 1955 thru 2002. The main difference with using the Vortec heads is the different intake bolt pattern as already mentioned.

Will 327 heads fit on a 350?

They are perfect for a 350. Both the 327 and the 350 have a 4″ bore so they like the same heads. Old heads like that will have softer valve seats, so if you want them to last a long time, you should either replace the seats or run leaded gas in the engine.

Are Vortec heads better than double hump heads?

The L31 Vortec heads have larger ports than the older Gen I cast steel heads, so they outflow the older heads. The Vortec heads are a little bit lighter than the older heads and have a “kidney” or “heart” shaped combustion chamber that is more efficient than the double hump chamber.

How much HP does a 283 have?

Thanks to an optional Rochester fuel-injection package, Chevy’s 283 made 283 horsepower, the company’s first engine to make one horsepower per cubic inch of displacement. A year later, Chevy was able to get 290 horsepower from the 283 small-block.

Why is a 327 better than a 350?

Registered. With all other things being equal—-the 327 will rev higher (short stroke)—-the 350 will make more torque (more cubes-longer stroke). Both are great engines and respond well to performance upgrades!

Will Vortec heads work on older 350?

Yes the 1996-02 L31 350 vortec heads will bolt to ANY gen 1 350 engine.

Is a 283 a good motor?

Even after the 327’s debut, the 283 made such a good base engine that it soldiered on through 1967. With its short 3-inch stroke, a 283 can rev as if there’s no tomorrow, but the small bore restricts adding really large valves and, hence, ultimate breathing potential.

What are 882 heads?

The 882 heads are smog heads from ’74 to ’80 and not very well regarded, but neither are stock ’85 heads – if you can find out more about the 882’s they may be better than your stock ’85 heads – ie not only polished & ported but if milled so they will give higher compression and if valves were changed to 2.02 etc they …

What are double hump heads worth?

461 and 462 double hump complete heads should be worth or priced at $200 a set at the very least. With all the choices in new motors and heads these do not have the interest they once had.

Can you put 283 heads on a 350?

283 heads are not a good idea on a 350. They will increase your compression, but they’ll kill your overall horsepower by seriously constricting your flow at anything above probably 3000 RPM, so you’ll make no power with them.