Question: Can A 6×9 Speaker Fit In A 6×8?

Do 6×9 speakers have good bass?

JBL GTO939 are some of the best 6X9 car speakers for bass without amp that you can buy, all things considered.

JBL GTO939 speakers can handle up to 100 watts of power on continuous basis.

Combine that with their high sensitivity rating of 94 dB, and you get great-sounding 6X9 speakers for bass without amp..

Do round speakers sound better than oval?

Do round speakers sound better than oval-shaped speakers (i.e. 6×9’s)? The answer is yes for most practical purposes. A round cone is more rigid than an oval-shaped one, so at higher levels, an oval-shaped speaker will distort more.

What is a good amp for 6×9 speakers?

Other 6-by-9 Spakers with Amp integrated speakersRankingProduct Name2BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers – 400 Watts of Power Per Pair, 200 Watts…3CERWIN VEGA XED693 6 x 9 Inches 350 Watts Max 3-Way Coaxial Speaker Set4JBL Stage 9603 420W Max (140W RMS) 6″ x 9″ 4 ohms Stage Series 3-Way Coaxial Car…2 more rows•Jan 10, 2019

Do 6×8 speakers have bass?

Best 6×8 Speaker Reviews & Recommendations 2020. These four-way coaxial speakers have a peak handling power of 350 watts per pair and an RMS of 80, making them a pretty solid choice. … They are lightweight speakers with multilayer mica matrix cones that offer improved bass and dynamic range.

Will 6.5 speakers fit in 5×7? Nostalgist. Yes, I did it in my explorer. take the 5×7 speaker, and trace around it, and where the screw holes are. Then, put a 6.5 on top of it, trace around it, and cut around the outside with a jigsaw.

Can you replace 6.5 speakers with 6×9?

RE: converting 6.5″ speakers to 6×9″ as long as they are secuely mounted you can use them. yes you can use the same speaker wire.

Do 6.5 speakers sound better than 6×9?

97prizm. From reading various automotive books the 6×9 will give you slightly better bass over the 6.5″ all things being equal. There are many myths out there that the 6x9s are less clear due to being oval etc, but a well made 6×9 can sound equally as well as a well made 6.5.

What are the loudest 6×9 speakers?

Loudest 6X9 Speakers ReviewsInfinity Kappa 693.11I.JBL GTO939.Polk Audio DB692.Kicker KSC6930.Alpine SPR-69.Infinity KAPPA 90CSX.Rockford Fosgate Power T1693.Pioneer TS6900PRO.More items…

What is the best 6×9 speakers to buy?

Reviews of the 10 Best 6X9 Car SpeakersPioneer TS-A6970R Car Speakers Review.Kenwood KFC-6965S Speakers Review.Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime Speakers Review.Kicker DS693 Speakers Review.Infinity Reference 9632cf Speakers Review.Polk Audio DB691 Speakers Review.Kicker 40CS6934 6×9 inch 3-Way Speakers Review.More items…•

What are the best 6×8 door speakers?

Best 6X8 Car Speaker Reviews for 2020Best Overall 6×8 Pick: JL Audio C5-570X.Rockford Fosgate Power T1682.Best Volume Pick: Alpine SPR-68.Stylish Pick: Infinity KAPPA 682.11CF.Best 2-Way Component: Kicker 40CSS684.Best Value: Polk Audio MM571.

Will 6×8 speakers fit in 5×7?

**Please Note: A 6×8 and a 5×7 are the same speaker, but with different mounting hole locations. If you see speakers labeled as “6×8/5×7” it is still a 6×8, it just means that they have extra mounting holes to also accomodate 5×7 applications.

Are 6.5 speakers better than 6×8?

All things being equal: The 6×8 will produce more bass, but it won’t be as definite, due to the elliptical shape of the cone vs. round voice coil. The 6.5 speaker will produce less bass, but it will be more crisp. The solution: Bigger round speakers, or create a elliptical speaker with an elliptical voice coil.

Are 2 way speakers good for bass?

2-way speakers produce a poorer quality of sound than 3-way speakers. This is because both bass and mid-range sound reproduction are bundled into the woofer in a 2-way system, but they get separated in 3-way systems. Bass is sacrificed.

Which is better JBL or kicker speakers?

We think JBL speakers offer better audio quality than the Kicker car speakers. … Although Kicker car speakers have a wider frequency band and seem to have the crisper sound over a broader range of music, JBL car speakers seem to beat the bass from Kicker car speakers by having a larger surface area on their cones.