Is The Porsche 911 Gt3 RS A Supercar?

What does gt3 RS stand for?

racing sportIn 2003, Porsche introduced the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, an even more track-focused version of the 996 GT3.

RS is short for the German RennSport, literally “racing sport” in English..

On Thursday, 25 October 2018, the Porsche GT2 RS MR completed a lap of the 20.6-kilometre long circuit in 6:40.3 minutes. … No other road-legal vehicle has ever been so fast on ‘The Green Hell’ track.

What is faster 911 Turbo or gt3?

If someone were to ask me which car is faster “in a straight line?” Bye bye GT3 RS, The Turbo S is hands down faster. Lesson of the day: If you’re driving down the road in your quarter million dollar Porsche 911/GT3 RS and you come up to a red light next to another Porsche.

Which Porsche is the fastest?

Porsche 911 GT RS.The fastest Porsche currently in production is the Porsche 911 GT RS. With a top track speed of 211 mph, it currently edges out any other model in production.

Is Porsche faster than Lamborghini?

Advantages of the 2018 Aventador SVJ of torque, it gives up a whopping 59 horsepower, which is pretty sizeable. However, the extra power only permits the Aventador SVJ to hit a top speed of 7 miles per hour faster than the Porsche.

How many gt2 RS were built?

Zero-60 mph took only 3.4 seconds, and the top speed ticked up to 205 mph. Aside from the original 993 GT2, the 997 GT2 RS is the rarest of the family, as Porsche only built 500 of these cars before production ended.

Is the gt2 RS faster than the gt3 RS?

The GT2 RS can hit a top speed of 211 MPH, compared to the 193 MPH limit of the GT3 RS. This allowed a GT2 RS to complete the legendary Nürburgring lap a full 10 seconds faster than its GT3 RS competitor. The GT3 RS, in contrast, is all about performance.

Why is the gt2 faster than the gt3?

On the GT2 RS you get a 3.8 litre flat 6 twin-turbocharged engine compared to the GT3 RS’s naturally aspirated 4.0 flat 6. … This added power proved hugely beneficial as the GT2 RS did an astonishing Nürburgring lap time that was 10 seconds faster than the GT3 RS.

What is the fastest 0 to 60 car?

Top 10 fastest production cars from zero to 60 mphLamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce. … Audi R8 V10 Plus. … Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous Speed upgrade. … McLaren P1. … Porsche 911 (991) Turbo S. … Bugatti Veyron. … Ferrari LaFerrari. Ferrari LaFerrari. … Porsche 918 Spyder. David Booth drives the Porsche 918 Spyder, which he says is incredibly fast, yet easy to drive.More items…•

What is gt3 touring?

Porsche introduced the Touring Package on the previous-generation GT3 for 2018. It essentially swapped the GT3’s fixed rear wing for a more discreet unit, and also swapped the dual-clutch transmission normally fitted to the GT3 with a traditional manual, in this case a 6-speed.

Which Porsche has the most horsepower?

911 GT2 RSPorsche has just unveiled the fastest and most powerful version of its iconic 911 sports car. The new 911 GT2 RS is powered by a turbocharged 700-horsepower 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine. The rear-wheel-drive car can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 211 miles an hour.

Can you daily drive a gt3 RS?

The new GT3 RS is only available, like the GT3, with a PDK gearbox. It goes a long way to convincing you that you could live with the GT3 RS as an everyday car. Just because you could doesn’t mean you should, though. You’d eventually become irritated by it, and that would be a shame.

Is the gt3 RS turbocharged?

Due to its twin-turbo setup, the 3.8-liter will crank out significantly more torque. While the 4.0-liter naturally aspirated mill generates up to 347 pound-feet in the GT3 RS, the twin-turbo 3.0-liter packs 487 pound-feet in the Turbo and 516 pound-feet in the Turbo S.

What is the slowest Porsche?

Ferdinand GT3 RSThe world’s slowest Porsche The Ferdinand GT3 RS might look like a real Porsche 911, but it’s actually muscle-powered sculpture covered with the chassis of a sports car! It’s the creation of Austrian artist Hannes Langeder – a man with a message.

How fast can a Porsche 911 gt3 RS go?

312 km/h.The 911 GT3 RS accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 312 km/h. Following the launch of the 911 GT3 and the 911 GT2 RS, this latest release will see Porsche present its third GT road-approved sports car within a year.

How much does a Porsche 911 gt3 RS?

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Price The 2019 Porsche GT3 RS price is around $188,550 MSRP (including delivery and processing charges) if you opt for the bare bones base model. There are several upgrades offered by Porsche for this model.